Uber Groovy Anatomy Geek Out

Uber Groovy Anatomy Geek Out Series

is a 13 GAME journey around the body.  It’s designed for therapists and yoga teachers who don’t use anatomy terminology regularly, but want to brush up.

Get confident communicating with your clients and other health professionals.   

Uber Groovy is a FUN series of bite sized video trainings where we revise basic Muscles, Bones, Landmarks and directional terminology.

Each training game takes about 15 minutes to play and includes an online assessment, so you can make sure you are retaining your knowledge.

When you purchase my Uber Groovy Series, you get instant access to

Game 1 = Groovy Glenohumeral

Game 2 = Noble Neck

Game 3 = Heavenly Hamstrings

Game 4 = Bone Basic Speed Ball

Game 5 = Thought Provoking Thigh

Game 6 = Fascinating Forearms

You’ll be notified monthly as each of the seven remaining games is released.  

The whole series is yours to keep, so you can dip in and out as time permits.

I’m Barbara Swiatkiwsky and I’m a massage therapist and yoga teacher trainee. Over the past 10 years I’ve taught introductory anatomy to 100s of massage students in Melbourne.

I designed Uber Groovy because I know that a lot of  therapists struggle with the anatomy component of their course.

In most anatomy courses, there is usually SO much information crammed into a very short period of time, and many students have told me they are tempted to just memorise a bunch of stuff for the exam.

If this happened to you, you’ll love Uber Groovy.

In bite sized chunks we revisit bone names, boney landmarks, joints, muscles and directional terminology.

I think you’ll be surprised at how much you DO remember from your course when I put it into context and bring it to life.

Uber Groovy Series is ONLY $99 AUD. Wow, that's LESS than $8 per Revision game.

If you're in Canada, the US or Europe, it feels like you pay even less because of the exchange rate.

  • Canadians, it works out to $93 for you.
  • Americans you pay only $70 USD for the series.
  • Europeans, Uber Groovy is 62 Euro.
  • And in the UK, it works out to 53 GBP!


How could you go wrong?!

Seriously though, I really want you to be happy with ANYTHING you purchase from me, so if you buy Uber Groovy and don’t like it for any reason, just let me know within 30 days of buying it and I’ll refund your money.


Barbara xx



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