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Uber Groovy Anatomy Geek Out - 13 Game Series

$99.00 AUD

13 Bite Sized opportunities to refresh your basic anatomy skills so you can communicate more confidently with clients...

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Barbara's Training Circle

$97.00 AUD every month

Join Barbara's close knit community of like minded solo therapists for exclusive support, accountability and marketin...

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Foundations Bundle

$197.00 AUD

Launch with Confidence that you CAN create dependable income.  

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Shine a Spotlight

$197.00 AUD

Get New Clients by becoming visible as a professional therapist in your community.

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Biz Strategy 1:1 Mentoring single session

$249.00 AUD

Business Strategy ... helping you to get quality new clients If you are feeling stuck and need a hand now is the tim...

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Accelerate Coaching

4 monthly payments of $645.00 AUD

1:1 Coaching with Barbara that targets YOUR unique needs as a therapist and businessperson.

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