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If you’re launching your biz from home, start by taking a look at the basics.

A few tweaks can save you heaps of time and hours of frustration.

Start strongly and with confidence that you CAN create dependable income.

Each mini course in this bundle will take you 1-2 hours to complete. 

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"Thanks so much Barbara for creating the Be Safe Mini Course! It's given me a few more tips on feeling safe when I work in my home. I'd rather be prepared and never have to use them, rather than making a mistake with creepy consequences! "

Lisa Vargas
Massage Therapist, USA

"Thanks for creating your Foundations Series. I was on my treadmill watching Your Space... and I'm inspired to create the right atmosphere, sell products if I wish, take credit cards, demonstrate self care exercises... in short EVERYTHING I could do from a shop! Home Based Massage Biz WINS for me!"

Nikki Sneddon
Massage Therapist, UK

"I love Barbara's approach - she is enthusiastic and supportive without being overwhelming. She has a step by step method of looking at little tasks that all add up to the big picture. I have found other business coaches to be of the opinion that you have to go HUGE or your not worth their effort - but Barbara understands I want a reliable steady business that allows me to enjoy my work-life balance, and she has helped me achieve that ♥"

Eichelle Carey
Fit For Life with Chelle, Fitness and Remedial Massage

Keep scrolling to find out EXACTLY how Foundations will fill the critical gaps so you can Launch with Confidence.

Mini Course #1 Be Safe

The number one reason women DON'T choose to build a home based business is FEAR of not being safe.

I created this mini course to help you

Be Safe at home | online | in your community

Confidently open your doors and safely invite new clients into your home.

You will learn to FACE your FEARS and take active steps to be safe at home, in your community and online.

So you can stop procrastinating and start making money from your home based massage business.

This self paced mini course is AVAILABLE as soon as you enrol.


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Mini Course #2 Your Space

The second reason that women DON'T choose to build a home based business is that they are worried their space ISN'T good enough.

I created this mini course to give you all the tools you need to create a truly professional space that reflects your values as a therapist.

In this mini course you

audit your home clinic to create a massage business that complies with Australian Law

create a sanctuary your clients will adore without breaking the bank

find out what equipment you MUST HAVE to get started and where to spend wisely once money is coming in

I share simple tips you can implement immediately to create client confidence from the moment they drive up to your home practice

Learn key steps to begin creating a personal brand and avoid costly mistakes down the track

How to position yourself in the market as an abundant businesswoman, not just a woman with a massage hobby.



Mini Course #3 Sustainable Systems

If you're feeling overwhelmed by everything you need to do as a solo businesswoman - the bookkeeping, the marketing, the client notes and more AND and you're wondering how anyone really does this - you're in the right place!

This mini course will help you streamline your workflow which saves you time and in the long term, money!

You learn 

• the 3 most important systems to set up to start strong and grow your business

• how to strategically implement a combination of tech and low tech systems to streamline your workflow so you spend less time trapped in front of your computer and more time doing what you love 

shift your client's view (and you're own) from woman who does massage as a hobby to businesswoman who creates dependable income to support herself and her family

Get focused and organised, with a plan to set up your KEY systems and OPEN your doors for business so you can start making money.

Mini Course #4 Selling Your Services

Without customers buying your services you don't have a business. 

I've talked to many women who tell me they wake up in the middle of the night panicking because they are struggling to get enough clients through the door.

This mini course give your REAL skills to talk about what you do as a professional therapist

• without being boring

• without feeling salesy

• without being pushy

You will learn to shift your focus from 'tech talk' to meaningful conversation that encourages potential new clients to book an appointment

Get more clients through your doors

and create dependable income from your home based massage business.

Get focused and organised,

with a clear step by step plan to shift from being embarrassed about telling anyone what you do to confidently sharing with your community that you are OPEN for business and ready to serve.

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Based on 20 years of experience running my Massage & Bowen Therapy business from home, to get started making money,  you NEED to get 4 things right! Safety, systems, space and selling yourself!

... but how do you know if they are right?

Ask yourself this question:

Why don't I have enough clients?

If your answer is, "I really don't know", Foundations is the PERFECT first step.
Go back to the basics of your business and see what needs a tweak so you can GROW with confidence.

If your answer is, "I'm too scared to really put it out there in my community that I'm open for business. I know I'm getting in my own way", Foundations is the BEST place to start. 

I absolutely guarantee that by the time you've completed all 4 mini courses you'll feel much more confidence about opening your doors for business.

Getting back to basics is an amazing way to really see how much you've put in place already AND helps you see the gaps you can fill that will really get you rocking and in the right head space to be visible in your community GROW. 

PS. I'm so confident that Foundations is the BEST place to start I offer a 30 day money back guarantee! 


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