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Christmas Countdown

A 10 Step Program to CRUSH your Christmas Marketing

for solo therapists who spend too much time researching ways to market themselves and somehow never get around to actually doing it! 

begins in Oct 2018

1. get your unique marketing message out there in front of the right people

2.and stay OUT of marketing OVERWHELM this Christmas

3. Achievable deadlines

My clearly structured step by step plan helps you get the MOST out of the time and energy and heart you put into marketing your business this Christmas.

Program is INCLUDED in your monthly membership.

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Self Paced Programs

Membership INCLUDES access to the following self paced programs:

Get NEW clients

Barbara's Shine a Spotlight Self Paced Program

5 Week Course

step by step support to become visible in your community as a professional therapist

for women with home based businesses 
who provide a high quality service 
and want NEW clients 

Shine a Spotlight can be purchased as a stand alone product for $197 AUD

Get access by Joining today

Grow Your Business

GROW your Business

Barbara's Ramp it Up Program

6 Week Course

step by step marketing skills to find your authentic voice and connect with your ideal clients

6 x 60 min training videos 
PLUS Workbooks
& Bonus resources

Ramp it Up is EXCLUSIVELY available to Training Circle Members

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What women say

about being part of Barbara's community

"I love Barbara's approach - she is enthusiastic and supportive without being overwhelming. She has a step by step method of looking at little tasks that all add up to the big picture. I have found other business coaches to be of the opinion that you have to go HUGE or your not worth their effort - but Barbara understands I want a reliable steady business that allows me to enjoy my work-life balance, and she has helped me achieve that ♥"

Eichelle Carey
Fit For Life with Chelle, Fitness and Remedial Massage

"Love the LIVE sessions with Barbara - keeps me accountable and on track for the week - and it's nice to be able to connect and interact with like minded women"

Carolyn Wilkins
Rasa Massage, Owner and Massage Therapist

"As a result of coaching with Barbara, my bookings have increased a LOT and my focus on who is my exact ideal client has narrowed and somehow she's managed to keep my on track and not too scatterbrained with overwhelm. Best choice of 2017"

Mel Hanley
The Big Boss, Simple Wellness Myotherapy

Community for Training Circle Members

Exclusive Training Circle Facebook Group

A vibrant Facebook Group ONLY open to women who are members of the Training Circle.

A place to make new friends and share when you are feeling wobbly, because these women 'get you'.

CHOOSE to participate in:

1. In house challenges - to practice the marketing skills you learn in Ramp it Up & Shine a Spotlight in a supportive  environment

2. Accountability Pods -  for women who WANT to set business goals and be held lovingly accountable by their peers. 

3. Workshops -  your weekly opportunity to interact with me LIVE to solve your business problems as they happen so you can keep up your momentum and grow

Let me get started!

Barbara's unique skill set!

With 20 years experience as a home based massage therapist, and 100s of teaching hours under her belt, Barbara is an expert at distilling the critical skills you need to create a profitable business into manageable chunks, to keep you out of overwhelm.

Are you IN?

Membership is $97 AUD per month.


Answers to common questions

Access to Programs

When do I get access to the self paced programs?

When you become a MEMBER you receive
access to 
Shine a Spotlight  (5 weeks)
Ramp it Up (6 weeks)

You can work through these programs at your own pace. Dip in when you have time or BINGE them.

When you cancel your membership you will NO LONGER have access. 

Cool! Enrol me

Membership Fees

How does it work?

When you click to become a member, you will be taken to a 'checkout' page. 

Your credit card details will be taken securely and your membership debited AUTOMATICALLY every 30 days. 

You will receive a welcome email with log in details to access your self paced programs.

AND an invitation to join the the Facebook Group.

You can cancel your membership at any time by following the prompts. 

Super! Let's get started

Community of Women?

If I'm not a woman can I access your Self Paced Programs?

YES, all my self paced programs are available to all therapists.

However, my vibrant Training Circle Facebook Group is ONLY open to women 

because it's place to to feel safe when you're feeling wobbly.


Let me get started!


Practice your Skills before you go public 

The Hot Seat is your opportunity to join me for a live on camera interview.

We role play so you can practice 
1. Talking about yourself as a professinal therapist
2. Booking me in for my first appointment.
3. Rebooking me after a treatment. 

We do this ONLINE in the privacy of our Facebook Group.

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Masterclass Library

replays are included in your Membership


for therapists who want to follow up effectively and get as many new clients as possible when you shine a spotlight on your skills  

Sept 2018

1. How to craft an event offer that converts 

2. DIY professional looking collateral on a tiny budget

3. Automate your follow up without feeling creepy or salesy.

Get the MOST out of the time and energy and heart you put into your live event. 


Corporate Massage in Schools

for all of you who would LOVE to offer your skills to your local school community but aren't sure how to set it up!

1. How to propose a contract your school community will adore

2. Common problems to watch out for in a corporate school setting, so you can nip them in the bud

3. How to use technology to help you deliver your services with ease and minimal stress

Compliance Expert, Liz Sharkey is sharing her practical insider tips to creating an ongoing ‘corporate’ massage businesses within a school, because she’s doing this in her children’s school RIGHT now!

Awesome -Sign me up!

"I was having some difficulties with my massage business so I reached out to Barbara. I went into the training circle and she made my issue a priority so she helped me putting on the weekly hot seat in the training circle. From then I felt like something clicked inside and I overcame my challenge very smoothly. Barbara is great, makes you get out of the comfort zone and the same time feeling supported and appreciated. Thank you Barbara. Keep up the great work your doing"

Dani Vega Rojas
Massage Therapist

"I cannot tell you how much Barbara has helped me since starting my own Massage Business. feeling Overwhelmed? Ask Barbara!!! Not only does she give you useful infirmation but puts your mind at ease and then back on track to the excitement of starting your journey again. Thanks so much Barbara xx."

Emma Williams
Massage Therapists

"I've had 2 coaching sessions with Barbara now and I can't emphasize how positively they have helped me progress in my business. Being able to discuss my blocks and have clear achievable ideas given by Barbara has been totally inspiring. Also being a member of the women in business group is so supportive informative.Having the opportunity to be connected with like minded women has helped and supported me to grow leaps and bounds."

Sue Boyce
Holistic Health Practitioner

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