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Join Barbara's close knit community of like minded businesswomen for exclusive support, accountability and marketing masterclasses.

Training is delivered in bite sized chunks to keep you out of overwhelm, motivated AND growing your biz.

If your goal is dependable income AND work/life balance, the Training Circle is the BEST step for you.

Your Training Circle Membership includes

Ramp it Up Program

Marketing Skills to build on your foundations and GROW your Business!


- Ramp it Up Training Call
- Ramp it Up Challenge


Ramp it Up Training Call

Live and Interactive group training

Step by Step Skill Building for Business Growth

60 minutes
Third Monday of the Month

Selling your Services

Take your first steps to shift from being embarrassed and tongue tied when someone asks you 'what do you do?' to confidently sharing that you are OPEN for business and ready to serve

Aligning your Messaging 

Build a solid foundation for your marketing funnel so you will attract the right clients from the start.

Discovering your Ideal Client 

Polishing Your Signature Service 

Packaging & Promoting 

Ramp it Up Training Calls are INCLUDED in your Training Circle Membership


Ramp it Up Challenges

Practice your new marketing skills 'in-house'.  

Step outside your comfort zone - safely - and gain confidence to do the same in your community (so you can grow your business)

New Challenge EVERY month

Ramp it Up Challenges are INCLUDED in your Training Circle Membership

In this short video I share ALL the features that are included in your Training Circle Membership!


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What women say

about Barbara's LIVE online training

"I love Barbara's approach - she is enthusiastic and supportive without being overwhelming. She has a step by step method of looking at little tasks that all add up to the big picture. I have found other business coaches to be of the opinion that you have to go HUGE or your not worth their effort - but Barbara understands I want a reliable steady business that allows me to enjoy my work-life balance, and she has helped me achieve that ♥"

Eichelle Carey
Fit For Life with Chelle, Fitness and Remedial Massage

"Love the LIVE sessions with Barbara - keeps me accountable and on track for the week - and it's nice to be able to connect and interact with like minded women"

Carolyn Wilkins
Rasa Massage, Owner and Massage Therapist

"As a result of coaching with Barbara, my bookings have increased a LOT and my focus on who is my exact ideal client has narrowed and somehow she's managed to keep my on track and not too scatterbrained with overwhelm. Best choice of 2017"

Mel Hanley
The Big Boss, Simple Wellness Myotherapy

Membership ALSO includes


FIX your Marketing PROBLEMS!

EVERY WEEK you get

Online workshop to discuss, dissect and get feedback straight away on business building strategies you are implementing (especially if you are stuck!) 

30 minutes
Every Week
ONLINE in our Facebook Group

The Workshop will be recorded and replay available in the group
(so even if you can't get to the live event you will not miss out)

The Workshop is INCLUDED in your Training Circle Membership


Join The Training Circle


Catch up

Find a topic to HELP you where you are stuck

All Ramp it Up Trainings are recorded live and the replays added to the Training Circle Library. 

Dip in and out ANY TIME you want. 

Everything in one EASY to ACCESS location.

Catch up on a LIVE training you weren't able to attend.

Dive deeper into a topic that catches your interest because it will HELP YOU grow your businesses

 Full access the The Library is INCLUDED in your Training Circle Membership


I'm IN!

Community of Women

A vibrant Facebook Group ONLY open to women who are members of the Training Circle.

A place to make new friends and share when you are feeling wobbly, because these women 'get you'.

Monthly Ramp it Up 'in house' challenges - where you practice the marketing skills you learn in Ramp it Up Training in a supportive community environment

Accountability Pods - small groups within our larger group - specifically for women who WANT to set business goals and be held lovingly accountable by their peers. 

Pods, Challenges and Community ALL INCLUDED in your Training Circle Membership

Let me get started!

Accountability Pods

Set business goals. Be held accountable!  Grow your business.

You can request to be part of a small group within our group ... an accountability pod! Pods are guided by Barbara and are really the secret sauce required for sustained growth.  

Pods open their doors to receive new members ONCE a month

Pods are largely self directing.

Membership in a pod is by request only (ask Barbara to place you)

Included in your Training Circle Membership

Join the Training Circle

Barbara's unique skill set!

With 20 years experience as a home based massage therapist, and 100s of teaching hours under her belt, Barbara is an expert at distilling the critical skills you need to create a profitable business into manageable chunks, to keep you out of overwhelm.

Are you IN?

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